Essential Guide To Radio Airplay + Limited VIP Coaching

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Very few unsigned artists and producers know how valuable radio airplay can be.



What you can expect from this exclusive and limited package:

  • the Essential guide in ebook/audiobook format
  • a 30-minutes live one-to-one session with our radio and music business expert to coach you on your project, give feedback on the production, the arrangement, the mixing and mastering aspect as well as what to do once you have the best product possible on your hands.

Streaming might be booming, but the ratings don’t lie, radio has never been stronger. And it pays extremely well.

In the US only being played on Sirius XM will generate “reasonable” income. But ANY airplay on European radio stations will translate into money for the people behind the song. It can go up to a few dozen euros for a SINGLE play on a SINGLE radio station in a SINGLE country

But cracking a radio playlist can be difficult. Which is why we decided to help. We’ve compiled EVERYTHING there’s to know to maximize your chances to secure a spot in radios playlists. But how can you be sure we know what we’re talking about? Because we’ve been working in radio for the past 20 years. Dealing on a daily basis with promo teams, record labels, A&R…



The content of this ebook is 100 % exclusive, there’s nowhere you can find any of the knowledge exposed here.

With this guide you’ll learn about Promotion. How to contact music directors. And, most importantly, how to make sure your song is appealing to labels A&R and music directors!

This exclusive content is available as an ebook only or ebook + audiobook version.