Essential Guide To Radio Airplay

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How to get your songs played on the radio. Seriously.


Thousands of artists waste time and money every day trying to reach the tastemakers in radio stations without often getting a simple response from them.

Who could blame those artists, as we expose in the guide, there’s so much money to be made when you finally get airplay. But 9 times out of 10, this time, money and energy are wasted because of 2 things. The song itself, and the promotion.

As music directors on radio stations for the past 10 years, we decided to put together a simple guide that will teach you all there is to know if you want to make it on radio. We also tell you why it’s so important to be on radio if you want to make some serious cash and keep on with the music dream.


RADIO = $$$

Very few unsigned artists and producers know how valuable radio airplay can be. Yet radio royalties are one of the highest sources of revenue for artists today.

There’s streaming revenue of course that grows steadily. But performance rights is actually one of the only source of revenue in the music business that has been increasing year after year since 2009. It represented 2.7 billion $ in 2018 out of 19.1 billion $ of global revenue for the entire music industry as you can see on the charts below.


Performance rights is the only source of revenue to grow year after year besides Streaming.


In fact streaming might be booming, but the ratings don’t lie. Radio has never been stronger

And it pays extremely well! Ask Mariah Carey. Every year she gets over 400’000$ in performance royalties alone thanks to “All I want for Christmas is you“. And she’s not the only one credited on this song…The amount of money we’re talking about here is huge. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your share of the pie. Everyone can.



  • You’re an artist
  • You know your material has hit potential or you want to learn what’s missing in your current material to make it in the industry
  • You want to make $$
  • You want exposure
  • You have difficulties getting feedback from professionals
  • You want to invest your time and money wisely in promotion
  • You want to live off your music

If you answered yes to at least 3 questions above, the answer is yes. You definitely need to get your hands on this guide. We read it every week in customer’s feedbacks; the techniques exposed here are super simple, yet they often did the wrong things.



  • this guide won’t have just any of your songs played on the radio. But applying what’s in it will definitely help give me much bigger chances to be.
  • this guide won’t let you reach the tastemakers with the same techniques you’ve been using until now
  • You’ll have to put in the work and apply to the letter everything that’s covered in this guide if you want to see concrete results. We give you the tools, but you have to do your part.


  • the secret formula behind radio-formatted songs
  • how radio programming works
  • promotion techniques
  • how to approach radios with your songs
  • all the common mistakes you don’t want to make to be taken seriously
  • and more…


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Working in the industry for the past 2 decades, among which the last one as music directors, we’ve seen first hand all the mistakes people make when trying to promote their songs. Inappropriate material, generic emails, music sent on CDs, etc.
It was painful sometimes, really to witness it. But like all things, you only know how to do it when you’ve learned it.

This is why we’ve compiled EVERYTHING there’s to know to maximize your chances to secure a spot in radios playlists.

The radio stations we’ve been successfully working for, have increased their audience by respectively 25% and 40%, with an increasing amount of time spent listening to the radio every day by the average listener. On musical stations, it’s a fact, this is usually because of the music. So yeah…working hand in hand with record labels, promo teams, A&R’s and artists directly gave us a pretty strong insight into the stuff that works and the stuff that doesn’t.




The content of this ebook is 100 % exclusive, written by our in-house 20-years in the industry professional radio experts.



The Essential Guide to Radio Airplay is simple to use really. It’s a very condensed, straight-to-the-point guide that covers the main areas that will make or break your song as a potential radio contestant: Production and Promotion.

With this guide, you’ll learn about Promotion. How to contact music directors. And, most importantly, on the production side, how to make sure your song is appealing to labels A&R and music directors!

This exclusive content is available as an ebook only or ebook + audiobook version.

This guide contains all there is to know if you want to get played on the radio and earn these coveted performance royalties.



David Fertin, UK – “It took me some time after implementing the recommendations from this guide, but the results are in and IT WORKS!”

Alyssa Spencer, Canada – “Got my first play on the radio today!!! I’m so pumped!!! It’s so simple and yet I couldn’t figure it all out by myself! I was doing so many things wrong! Thank you so much!”

Sylvain Allard, France – “11 stations and counting! thanks!”


It’s been less than a year since the release of this guide. To this day, over 600 artists around the world have got their hands on this invaluable guide and the feedback we get from them every week is heart-warming! More and more of them have seen their music career boosted in a big way after implementing the content from this guide, we couldn’t be prouder!



The music industry is at a crossroads. Whoever jumps on the bandwagon has a better chance to go to the next station, but you have to take action today. As the industry is shifting, the content that is valid today may not be for years.


This exclusive content is available both as an ebook as well as an audiobook. You can also get a bundle of both for maximum convenience so you can listen to it while commuting, working out…


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