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EQ Basics – Boost or Cut ?

EQ Basics – Boost or Cut? Equalization is one of the simplest tools at our disposal as producers/engineers when it comes to mixing. We use EQ basics to control the frequencies in an audio signal by boosting and cutting across the 20Hz-20kHz spectrum which is the human hearing range. It may be a simple tool,…

4 tips for a better mix

4 tips for a better mix 1. When mixing, every decision should be made in response to an issue Mixing is a simple process: Listen. Find a problem. Write it down. Figure out how to solve it. Fix the problem. Strike. Repeat. Every mixing decision should be made in response to what you hear. Not…

Understanding Music Royalties

Understanding Music Royalties Music royalties can take many forms. This article covers some of the different sources of income from the use of music in all its formats.   Music Copyrights and Publishing There are two categories of music copyrights: music compositions and master recordings. Music compositions do not require permission for use and are…

These guys are amazing

I couldn't be happier with the result. The theme they came up with is now played on tv across the world!

Jonas Schneiter
TV producer