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Stereo widening

STEREO WIDENING TRICKS FOR MUSIC PRODUCERS Stereo widening is the key to give character to your mix. Lead vocal, kick, snare, bass, certain percussion sounds should all be positioned in the center of your mix to have the maximum impact. But spreading other sounds in the stereo field will give depth and width (obviously!) to…

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How to Synthwave

How to make Synthwave with Xfer Serum We love to make synthwave! And our good friend Serum really is the best to recreate those beautiful sounds from the 80s! We’re actually pretty glad here at Newtones that The Weeknd recently embraced this sound on his new album. As we were making some new presets for…

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Need inspiration to make killer beats? Look no further. Our Hip Hop Essential Midi Pack is filled with unique and catchy midi loops, chords and melodies that will turn your next beat into a hit!