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Understanding Mastering

Understanding Mastering COMMON MISTAKE The one mistake that most producers do when trying to do audio mastering themselves is approaching that job with the same techniques as mixing. It’s easy to misuse the tools and it can actually lead to over-processing. The mindset needs to be adjusted as this is an entirely different job. It’s…

Understanding Mechanical Royalties

Artists who sell a significant amount of records receive big checks from mechanical royalties alone. Understand the key concepts behind it.

Become a vocal session Jedi

Become a vocal session Jedi For singers to give their best performances, it’s your job as a producer to make them feel comfortable and confident. After years of using those ourselves, you can be sure that the following tips will definitely help you make your vocal sessions go as smoothly as possible. Some of the…

These guys are amazing

I couldn't be happier with the result. The theme they came up with is now played on tv across the world!

Jonas Schneiter
TV producer